09 Abr: Another 5 Types of Digital Marketing You Should Know

Digital Marketing is becoming more and more relevant these days. As we move further into the digital age, the traditional forms of marketing will take a step back with digital marketing leading the charge. Right now, I’m sure many of you may be familiar with the term digital marketing but when it comes to naming different types and what they do- you’re probably at a loss. We’ll have no fear, we’ve put together another list of digital marketing techniques that you should know.

28 Mar: Google My Business Tips

So, you have a brand-new business up and running and are excited to start this new journey. You’ll likely want to set up your Google My Business listing ASAP. This is not only for your SEO but to make your business easier to find online as well. Now it can seem daunting to try and even begin setting up your GMB page. There are so many options available and all you want is for your GMB to be informative and attractive enough for people to find your business. Well, have no fear, our blog today will cover some simple Google My Business tips to help get you started.