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08 Oct: More About Search Engine Marketing

Digital marketing has a great deal of terms out there that may confuse some people. For business owners that are trying to break into the digital market or seeking an agency to help them out, trying to learn and navigate the digital marketing lexicon can seem daunting at first. One of the most important things to understand is search engine terminology. Most importantly, the difference between paid searches and organic ones.

29 May: Chatbots: The Next Big Thing

Anyone can see that technology has evolved to be a major factor in our daily lives. The internet, smartphones, smart cars, and more help us to accomplish tasks each and every day. For digital marketers, A.I. is looking to be the next big trend. Since 2017 there has been one trend that has been steadily rising in popularity and is poised to be the future of digital marketing. I am of course, talking about chatbots and chatbot marketing.