5 Business Email Marketing Benefits

Running email marketing campaigns through newsletters, targeted emails, and more is still a great way to brand your business and grow in the form of new customers. This blog is here to give you a little reminder of why email marketing is effective.
With the influx of businesses taking advantage of digital marketing, there is one method that has both fallen by the wayside and seen as not as effective as other methods. Email marketing is still a valuable tool in the digital marketing belt. Running email marketing campaigns through newsletters, targeted emails, and more is still a way to brand your business and grow in the form of new customers.

If you’re looking to invest in email marketing for the latter half of the year, it would be beneficial to know just what exactly the rising trends are for this particular strategy.  Here are 5 business email marketing benefits to help you grow.

1. Authenticity

We live in a world where users are bombarded by a relentless stream of online ads, and sales pitches. One major trend that seems to be on the rise for email marketing is authenticity. Customers want to see the human element of your business and brand. In addition, they want to move from this sales environment and find a genuine connection to the businesses they patron.

One way to increase authenticity in your email campaigns is to send a personal note from an important person. This gives your customers a face for your company. And, allows them to better connect to your business and brand. This increases the visibility of your businesses’ human side to your customers. As a result, leading them to convert into loyal and long-time customers.

2. Automation

Automation seems to be another rising trend for email marketing. Not in the sense that it will remove the human element, but more in the sense that it will make your tasks easier to handle. Automation allows you to create targeted workflows that are triggered by user engagement and it’s not depend on anyone choosing a time to send out messages.

This allows your potential customers to only receive messages that are relevant to them, at the right time. A recent study concluded that targeted emails will likely generate half of a company’s email marketing revenue. This means that we can expect targeted campaigns to be even more targeted.

3. Mobile

We live in a mobile world. This means that our email campaigns need to be optimized for mobile devices. Recent surveys suggest that emails are first viewed on a mobile device rather than on a computer. What’s more is that of the 900 million Gmail users, 75% of them use their accounts on mobile devices.

The stats make mobile optimization for emails essential as more email views happen over mobile than on computer screens. Ensuring that your email campaigns are optimized for mobile will go a long way in ensuring its future success.

4. Personalization

Personalizing email content is becoming more popular as time goes on. A good tip for personalization is including the reader’s first name in the second or third paragraph of the email. Another thing to do in your emails for the sake of personalization is to give information unique to the reader’s account or segmented by the buyer persona.

You can also group your customers by personality or group them by behavior. Personalization makes your email material feel more personal and tailored more toward each experience. This leads to more relatability on your business’ part that makes you appeal more to customers and increases the likelihood of them converting.

5. Working with Your Other Marketing Channels

Another rising trend of email marketing campaigns is integrating them with your other marketing channels. Your digital marketing channels should all work towards your business’ shared goals. It seems like the future of email marketing is going to be linking your emails to your blogs and social media accounts that contains all your relevant content. Email marketing can be a marketing hub to maximize your business goals.

These were just some of the rising trends in email marketing this year. As with every digital marketing technique, there are new trends constantly appearing. The very nature of digital marketing is fluid and ever-changing. email marketing can help personalize your business in a way that few marketing tactics can. It can also help expand your customer base and grow your business like never before.

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