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An attention getting banner ad is what you need to build brand recognition with your customers. Online display advertising puts your brand on the websites where consumers are searching,  Therefore, you can target more local customers and build a stronger name for your business.

By using a variety of targeting methods, we can make sure your ads are shown to the right people. In addition, retargeting is an effective strategy that is sure to bring results. As a Google Partner, Anytime Digital Marketing will ensure your ads will be placed where your customers visit online.

Our marketing strategy will give your business the opportunity to appear on thousands of websites and apps.

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    Retargeting& Remarketing

    Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a form of online display advertising.  As a result, it keeps your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website. For most websites, only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit.

    The use of pixels is the most common type of display marketing.  When someone visits your website, a piece of JavaScript is placed on their browser.  As a result, their browser is “cookied.” Once they leave your site to surf the web, that cookie notifies retargeting platforms.  Therefore, this serves your specific ads based on the pages they visited on your website.

    One of the most powerful advances in advertising since the creation of PPC is retargeting. It can be a great way to raise brand awareness in the digital internet marketplace.  As a result, this keeps your company at the forefront of consumers’ minds. In addition, it allows you to focus your advertising spend on clients that have some degree of interest.

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    Display Campaigns

    Display ad campaigns are a great way to reach a wide audience with your message. Your ads are shown on millions of desktop websites, giving you the chance to reach potential customers wherever they are. The key to a successful display ad campaign is to create ads that are relevant and engaging. If your ads are relevant to the website where they’re shown, users will be more likely to click on them.

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    Mobile Campaigns

    Mobile ad campaigns are a great way to reach your target audience wherever they are. With mobile devices, people are always connected and online, which makes mobile advertising a very effective way to reach potential customers. mobile ads can be targeted very specifically to certain demographics, interests, and even locations. And, with the right call to action, mobile ads can lead directly to conversions and sales.

    PPC retargeting ads

    Retargeting Campaigns

    Retargeting ad campaigns are a powerful tool for businesses that want to capture 100% of their website visitors.  In addition, re-engage them with new ads. By placing a retargeting pixel on your website, you can track the visitors who come to your site and serve them targeted ads as they browse the web. This type of campaign is effective in increasing brand awareness and conversions.

    Campaign Performance
    We take the guesswork out of what works for you. In addition, we assess your campaign’s success by analyzing performance metrics.  Therefore, allowing us to provide smarter suggestions about future marketing initiatives so they’ll be even more effective than before.

    Reporting goes beyond measured results to create actionable marketing tasks.

    Each campaign element goes through incremental improvements to achieve optimization.

    Based on your targeted goals we split test each ad feature and size by rotating the ads to optimize each one.

    Our expert insights provide strategy for your campaign purpose and direction.

    We’ve researched the best converting banner ads to ensure that the ads we create for you are effective.

    We create over 16 different ad sizes designed for different placements on a page and different devices like mobile, tablet and desktops.

    e track your website visitors’ activity, interest, and intent with our display ads marketing. This helps us show relevant ads to website visitors who are most likely to engage with them. By tracking website visitor activity, we can better understand what kind of ads are most effective and how to target website visitors with similar interests. Additionally, this information helps us determine when website visitors are most receptive to ads so that we can timing our campaigns accordingly. Ultimately, this allows us to create more successful marketing campaigns and improve our website visitor experience.

    Frequently Asked Display Ads Questions

    This is done by installing a tracking code pixel on your website. Therefore, you can track what pages on your website people visit, how long they spend on those pages.

    Since these ads are targeted at individuals who have already visited your website, they are more likely to result in a conversion than generic display ads. In addition, retargeting allows you to customize your ads to specific demographics, interests, and behaviors.

    Yes, retargeting can lift ad engagement rates up to 400%. The click-through rate (CTR) is 180.6% higher for retargeted users on the display network.

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