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Desktop vs Laptop: What’s Better For Web Design?

There's always a debate between web designers. Desktop vs Laptop - Which is better? Our blog compares the 2 technologies and let's you decide who the winner may be.
desktop vs laptop

Ah, here we go again, the never-ending Desktop vs Laptop debate!

Be that as it may, unless you have truckloads of money, this debate is a must. On the other hand, Laptops often get in the way of Desktops, or the other way around.

Speaking of which, what would be the best choice for web designers? Let’s find out!


Needless to say, when it comes to laptops, the flexibility is often top-notch. For instance, from the standard clamshell design to detachable touch screens and 360-degree flip and fold designs, Laptops have come a long way.

But, a desktop PC is involved with wires, in other words constricting.

What’s better? – Laptops!


Undoubtedly, laptops are the best option for website designers who’d prefer location independence. The kitchen, a coffee lounge, on the bus or the bedroom, laptops can help your website design livelihood.

But, when it comes to desktops, there’s no portability, and they need to be stationed somewhere. Especially with heavy parts of desktop PCs, moving them around is pretty inconvenient.

What’s better? – Laptops!


It is a no-brainer that desktops have the upper hand from having much stronger performance with solid hardware. For instance, if you’re a web designer slash gamer, you might want to go for a gaming desktop.  Reason being, for better RAM, storage, graphics, and CPU power.

Likewise, if you’re engaged in running multiple virtual machines.  In addition, using back end technology stacks such as Java, C sharp, Ruby on Rails, SQL, etc., you can do a great job with a slightly low-priced desktop rather than with a low or mid-range laptop.

Even though laptops show limited performance due to limited hardware, you’ll do just fine in web development and coding.  Even better, if you compare HP EliteBook vs ZBook, you’ll realize that you’re getting pre-eminent performance with ZBook.  As a result, that’ll help your web development work, inner gamer, architect, 3D artist, video editor, etc.  In addition, a perfectly adequate performance especially for website designers in EliteBook.

What’s better? – It’s a tie!


Regardless of desktop vs laptop, if you’re in web development, you’ll certainly want to zero in on purchasing an extra display. One for coding and one for looking at the app or website you’re currently working on.

On the other hand, when it comes to website design, you’ll be working with a lot of colors, so a display with the best color fidelity and one that is gentle on your eyes to hinder the risk of retinal damage is a must.

Imagine, you’re opting for a high-end laptop that has a powerful display, then it will cost more. But, when you’re trying to reach that level with a desktop monitor, you’ll probably save some money, but not a lot.

What’s better? – It’s a tie!


With the surge of hundreds of digital nomads across the globe, you might be one of the website designers who appreciate no power interruptions. Well, obviously you need a UPS to avoid this situation, but with a laptop, you’ll have 1 to 10-hour battery life on average.

What’s better? – Laptops!

So what’s better?

For a student or a professional who isn’t always stationed, a laptop is their best bet. For a person who’d like to upgrade their PC for better performance while being stationed somewhere, a desktop is the best option.

But, as a website designer or a person who’s in the web development game, you should call the shots depending on your unique requirement, because after all, both are exceptional!

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