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Despite everything going on in the world right now, you still want to keep advertising in come capacity. In that respect, today's blog is about how Facebook ads can still be an asset to your business right now.
Facebook has dominated the social media scene for so long. Naturally, this has led to businesses becoming involved with social media marketing. Its power to reach a world-wide audience.  And, levels of engagement make it appealing for businesses to grow their exposure using social media.

The ability to advertise on Facebook has led many advertisers to flock to the platform in order to gain exposure and monetize from these ads. In addition, they use Facebook ads to raise awareness of their brands, gain new customers and more.

How Facebook Ads Grow Your Business

It never hurts to learn more about how ads can help your business grow. However, if you want to scale your business, learning different aspects of Facebook ads can help you tremendously. With that in mind, here are some facts about advertising on Facebook.

Facebook Mobile App

 It’s no secret that mobile is the way most of us are engaging on social media. Now it seems that mobile ads are dominating the majority of Facebook’s ad revenue. This means that if you’re trying to advertise your business in a mobile format, Facebook is the platform to invest in. The company reported last year that mobile accounts for 90% of their ad revenue.

Furthermore, Facebook has been focusing on enhancing mobile ads by introducing powerful new Canvas features. Exciting things are happening with mobile Facebook ads, and there are plenty of ways for advertisers to capitalize on these new features.


 I’m sure that most of you are familiar with retargeting ads and how effective they can be. But did you know that a survey conducted by AdRoll concluded that Facebook retargeting lowers the cost-per-click by 26 percent. This means that you should be investing on Facebook retargeting ads if you aren’t already.

This has already caused several marketers and business to focus their efforts on Facebook. Don’t be left behind, this is a great time to start reaping the benefits of retargeting on Facebook.

Facebook Ad Customization

 Believe it or not, the best day to run paid ads for your business is Monday. This is especially apparent if your goal is to increase your revenue. This is the day that seems to generate the most sales, according to multiple sources including Time Magazine.
Now, every business is different, but the consensus is that Monday is the best time for online retailers to run their Facebook ads. From Facebook Insights you can go into Ad Manager and it will give you the option to run ads on a schedule. This would be the time to schedule your most appealing posts for Monday.
Facebook Ads are a powerful marketing tool that you must be taking advantage of. Learning about the various insights into advertising on this social media giant can only be beneficial to your business.
Now is the time to develop your Facebook ad strategy and figure out how it can help your business to grow. Digital marketing isn’t going anywhere and is poised to become the dominant form of marketing businesses. Don’t fall by the wayside and get ahead of the competition today.

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