Digital vs Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing is a whole new avenue that you should be taking advantage of. However, certain business owners are want to stick to traditional forms of marketing. Today's blog will show you the differences between traditional and digital marketing.
Digital marketing

We live in a digital world, there’s no getting around that. Furthermore, there are several businesses that open up each and every day. Before the dawn of this digital age, if you wanted to market your business you went through the traditional avenues like billboards, radio, tv, etc. However, digital marketing is the way to go these days. Many business owners are skeptical of digital or are set in their ways. So, naturally they invest more of their marketing budget to traditional methods of marketing. Well, today, we’re here to give you a brief few reasons as to why digital is a better alternative to traditional marketing.

Aspects Of Marketing

A difficult aspect of traditional marketing is that it’s very difficult to measure the results of those campaigns. Business owners and marketers need to have specific data that influences their marketing decisions. With digital marketing you can track and measure things.  For example, like how many visitors to your website, bouncing and conversions. This information is changing the way business is done. And, as this might look familiar for some, there are many companies that are not aware of the power of online data.

Digital marketing has become important due to its ability to communicate messages to a broader audience than traditional marketing options.  In addition, digital can also target niche markets. The freedom of control you have with digital is unprecedent when it comes to marketing. You have complete leeway of who you direct the message to depending on your target audience’s location, age, occupation, and so much more.  In addition, you also have control over when your campaigns go live, promotions you’re running, ad spend and more.

Digital Presence

Almost every big business these days has some kind of digital presence. Small mom and pop shops and medium-sized businesses are the ones having to play catch up. However, once you invest in digital marketing, you’ve already put your business on the same playing field with most companies.  As a result, this puts you ahead of all those businesses that aren’t taking advantage of the digital age. It also allows your business to target the same customers that large companies are able to target.

Cost of Digital Vs Traditional

Have you ever been frustrated or concerned that you didn’t have the advertising budget to compete with your competitors? Well, the good news is that digital marketing can be very affordable depending on what you’re spending on. Ad spend on digital marketing is considerably lower than other forms of marketing. According to a report by Gartner’s Digital Marketing Spend Report, 40% of business owners surveyed claimed they saved considerable amounts of money using digital marketing methods. Right now, it shows no signs of slowing down. By 2021 digital ad spend is expected to represent a majority of all U.S. ad spend. Which means the sooner you start investing in digital marketing, the quicker you’ll be on track.

Mobile Marketing

It’s no secret that we live in an increasing mobile world. Now more than ever, people are looking at their mobile screens instead of flyers, billboards etc. With digital marketing, you now have the power to reach these customers. Methods like geofencing and geotargeting are perfect for reaching those potential customers that are looking at their mobile devices. Also, mobile devices are influencing customers’ shopping habits now more than ever. In fact, according to a survey by eMarketer, over 39% of people planned on shopping through their mobile devices on Black Friday.

The advantages that digital marketing offers businesses is staggering. We’re noticing a shift of traditional methods becoming less vital strategies versus digital ones. The traditional methods of marketing will still continue to exist in tandem with digital.  The same goes for marketing companies.  Digital advertising agencies are on the rise.  Therefore, don’t be shocked if digital becomes the dominant marketing avenue in a few years. In conclusion, don’t be one of those businesses that jumps on the bandwagon. Be on the forefront and reap the rewards that digital marketing can bring to your business today.

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