SEO Strategies For Your Home Service Business

Implementing these strategies will help your home service business attract more customers and increase your bottom line. Find out how today.

SEO strategies for your home service business is a critical component of a successful online marketing plan. But when it comes to home services businesses, many owners find themselves unsure of where to start. In this post, we’ll outline some basic SEO strategies that you can use to get your business on the first page of search results. We’ll also provide tips for improving your website’s visibility and ranking. So if you’re looking to take your home services business digital marketing to the next level, keep reading.

Home Service SEO Tags

Home service businesses can benefit from using SEO tags in several ways. First, it can help you to choose the right keywords for your business. Second, SEO tags can help to improve your website’s visibility on search engine results pages. In addition, they help to ensure that your pages are properly indexed.  Third, SEO tags can help to increase traffic to your website. Lastly, they can help to improve conversion rates by making it easier for prospects to find your website.

An effective SEO tag should be short, relevant, and keyword rich. For example, a home service company that provides plumbing services might use the following SEO tag: “Plumbing Services – We Fix Leaks Fast!” This SEO tag includes the company’s main keyword (plumbing services) and a compelling reason to click (we fix leaks fast). Including a strong call to action, such as “Call Now!” can also help to increase click-through rates. By including relevant SEO tags on their website, home service companies can help to ensure that their site appears in front of potential customers when they are searching for the products or services that they offer.

Keyword Research for Home Service industry

Any business that wants to succeed online needs to invest in keyword research. This is especially true for home service companies, which often have a local focus. By conducting keyword research, you can identify the terms and phrases that potential customers are using to search for businesses like yours. You can then use them throughout your website and marketing materials.  As a result, helping your company to rank higher in search engine results pages.

There are a number of different ways to conduct keyword research. One option is to use a tool like Google Ads Keyword Planner. Simply enter a few seed keywords related to your business, and the tool will generate a list of related terms and phrases. You can also use Google Search Console to see which keywords are driving traffic to your website. Simply go to the “Search Traffic” tab and click on “Search Analytics.” From there, you can see a list of the queries that have led people to your site.

Another great way to conduct keyword research is simply to ask your customers how they found you. You can do this through surveys or by asking customers directly when they call or visit your business. By taking the time to perform keyword research, you’ll be well on your way to developing an effective SEO strategy for your home service business.

Mobile Optimization

In today’s mobile-first world, it’s more important than ever to make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices. Mobile optimization is an integral part of your home services SEO strategy.  It helps to ensure that your website is responsive and easy to use on smaller screens. In addition, mobile optimization can help you to reach a wider audience, as more and more people are using their mobile devices to search for local businesses.

To make sure your home service business is visible in mobile search results, make sure to include relevant keywords and phrases on your mobile website. In addition, consider adding click-to-call buttons and directions to make it easy for potential customers to get in touch with you. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your home service business is visible and accessible to potential customers who are searching on mobile devices.

Home Services Reputation Management

More and more people are using the internet to find local businesses when they need a service completed. In fact, according to BrightLocal, consumers are reading online reviews more than ever before. In 2021, 77% ‘always’ or ‘regularly’ read them when browsing for local businesses.  This is up from 60% in 2020.  Therefore, if your home services business doesn’t have any reviews, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to attract new customers.

There are multiple ways to encourage customers to leave reviews.  For example, adding links to review sites on your website or sending follow-up emails after a job is completed. Once you start receiving reviews, it’s important to respond to them, even if they’re negative. This shows potential customers that you’re engaged with your online reputation and willing to address any issues that may come up. Finally, avoid creating fake reviews, as this can quickly damage your reputation and result in penalties from review sites.

With reputation management being such an important part of local SEO for home service businesses, it’s essential to take steps to ensure that your business is getting noticed by potential customers.

How Social Media for Home Service Companies Helps SEO

Social media is a powerful tool that can help to improve your home service business’s SEO strategy. By creating and maintaining social media profiles, you can help to boost your website’s visibility and reach a wider audience. Additionally, social media can help to build links back to your website, which can further improve your SEO.

When selecting social media channels for your home service business, it is important to choose those that are most relevant to your industry. For example, many home service businesses find success on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. To attract potential customers with your social media content, be sure to share informative and engaging posts that showcase your services. For example, including images, videos, and links which can also be helpful in driving traffic.  Promotions and discounts are also excellent social media content, as they can help to encourage users to try out your services.

Ensure Local Listings Are Accurate

It’s important to ensure your home service business local listings are accurate for a number of reasons. First, inaccurate listings can lead to lost customers – if potential customers can’t find your business or can’t get accurate information about your business, they’re likely to take their business elsewhere.  Second, inaccurate listings can hurt your SEO efforts. Local search is an important part of any SEO strategy, and if your listings are inaccurate, you could be missing out on valuable traffic and leads. Finally, keeping your listings up-to-date shows potential customers that you’re a reliable and trustworthy business.

If you can’t be bothered to keep your own listing accurate, potential customers may question your commitment to quality and customer service. In short, accuracy is key when it comes to local listings – make sure yours are always up-to-date to protect your SEO efforts and attract new customers.

Home Service Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is an essential tool for any home service business. It helps customers find your business, learn about your services, and contact you. It also allows you to post updates and special offers. Keeping your Google Business Profile up-to-date is important for two reasons: First, because it helps you attract new customers. Secondly, because it helps you keep existing customers informed about your business.  Customers can also use Google Business Profile to find directions to your business, view photos of your work, and read reviews from other customers. This can ensure that potential customers can easily find your business and learn more about what you have to offer.

Use Relevant Home Service Local Schema

Local schema is a type of structured data that helps search engines understand the location of your business and its services. When it is included on your website, it can help your business appear in local search results and map listings. In addition, local schema can also help improve click-through rates from organic search results.  This is an important part of any SEO strategy for a home service business.

Creating local schema is relatively simple and can be done with the help of a schema generator tool. Once local schema has been added to your website, it will be automatically detected by search engines when they crawl your site.  Here is an example of how to create local schema for a home services business:

<script type=”application/ld+json”>
{ “@context”: “http://www.schema.org”,
“@type”: “HomeServiceBusiness”,
“address”: {
“@type”: “PostalAddress”,
“addressLocality”: “Houston”,
“addressRegion”: “TX”,
“streetAddress”: “123 Main Street” },
“name”:”My Home Services Business” }

As you can see, local schema is fairly simple to create and can make a big difference in how well your home service business ranks in local search results. If you’re not currently using local schema, it’s something you should definitely consider adding to your website.

In Conclusion

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. We can help!  At Anytime Digital Marketing, our team of experts are here to help you get your SEO strategy underway.  This includes website conducting keyword research and setting up your SEO tags properly.  In addition, creating or updating your local schema, listings and Google Business Profile. By doing this, it will make it easier for potential customers to find your business online.  As a result, increasing the chances that they’ll choose you when they need home services. Ready to get started? Contact us today for a free consultation.


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