6 Ways To Improve Home Service Google Ads Leads

Want to improve the quality of your Google Ads leads for your home service company? Check out these 6 ways to do just that for a better ROI.

Are you a home service business owner who’s frustrated with the lead quality from your Google Ads PPC campaigns?  You’re not alone. With aggressive competition, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd.  In addition, it takes more than simply bidding the highest for a keyword.  You need to focus on qualified leads that convert into paying customers. Fortunately, there are some tips available to help you improve your lead quality.  And, maximize ROI while still staying within budget. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring 5 actionable strategies that will show you how to optimize your Google Ads campaign for improved lead quality.  Therefore, driving more conversions and getting higher returns on investment.

Why Google Ads lead quality can be a challenge for home service companies

Google Ads can be a valuable tool for a home service companies digital marketing strategy to increase their online visibility. However, Google Ads lead quality can be hard to control.  Therefore, making it difficult for businesses in the home service industry to meet the consumer expectations. One statistic from HomeAdvisor’s True Cost Report revealed that out of 36 million Google search queries related to home improvement projects.  However, 85% went unanswered by local professionals. This means that consumers are looking for services but not getting the desired level of service and contact they expect.  As a result, leading to dissatisfied customers with low quality leads. Google Ads offer many enticing features and insights. However, it’s important for businesses to be aware of the challenge before deciding if Google Ads are right for them.

6 Strategies to Improve your Home Services Google Ads lead quality

Google Ads home service campaigns need to be better equipped to generate high-quality leads that support company objectives.  Therefore, they can be further optimized by employing five key strategies.

1. Google Features:  Ad Extensions, Keyword Targeting and snippets

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions allow your Google Ads to display additional information.  For example, business location, contact information, and customer reviews.  Using ad extensions allows potential customers to get more details about your home service company in one place.  For instance, you could add an extension with a phone number for calling directly from the search results.  Customers who call are usually more likely to be higher quality leads than those who click through from Google’s search engine results page.  Furthermore, Sitelinks allow an advertiser to include additional links within their ads that link directly through to specific pages on their website.  This could be used to drive home services customers towards key pages such as contact us or online bookings forms.  By leveraging Google’s ad extensions, it is possible to improve lead quality and conversion rates for any home service company advertising.

Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting can be one of the best techniques for improving lead quality when Google Ads are used.  For home service companies, this can have a great impact as it gives the ability to apply keywords that relate to services they offer.  Therefore, ensuring they reach people who are looking for their specific service.  For example, a home service company offers plumbing services could target keywords such as “plumbing repair” or “drain cleaning”.  Therefore, Google Ads will only place their ad when someone searches those terms.  As a result, increasing the chances of higher quality leads because these people already know what kind of service they’re seeking.


A key feature of Google Ads campaigns is the ability to add snippets.  They can be used to show off what sets your home service company apart from the competition.  Snippets are small pieces of information that appear at the bottom of Google Ads text that include relevant information.  For instance, various categories such as ratings, site links, callouts and more.  A home service company might use ratings to showcase customer feedback on their services.  Or, they may leverage site links to bring visitors directly to a “contact us” or “book now” page on their website.  Snippets provide useful information upfront and can help maximize the impact of Google Ads by providing more space for the ad message.  In addition, making ads engaging potential customers with the right context before landing on your website.

2. Conversion Actions

Conversion actions can be set in Google Ads to help track leads, improve lead quality and increase return on ad spending.  When setting up Google Ads home service PPC campaigns, it is important to create conversion goals that properly reflect business objectives.  Home service companies will want to track conversions that best match their service offerings.  For example, an online form fill or email newsletter sign up.  Additionally, call tracking is an important measurement tool you can implement in Google Ads.  It records and stores data when customers call a business’s dedicated number.  Therefore, conversions can be adjusted more easily.  Software companies like CallRail, Invoca, or Callbox, allow you to filter out unqualified calls from the ad platform.  In addition, this data can be used by the home service company to optimize them for higher returns on ad spend.

3. Setting value-based bidding procedures

Google Ads recognizes value-based bidding procedures which involve setting bids that are based on the value of conversions.  This feature allows businesses to set KPIs, such as Maximize Conversion Value or Target ROAS.  For example, a home service company might want to use Google Ads targeting to optimize bids to reach customers located in their service area.  The Maximize Conversion Value bid strategy allows Google Ads to automatically set bids for each auction.  Therefore, maximizing the number of conversions a home service company receives within their budget restriction.  Furthermore, achieving the best possible cost per conversion.

Similarly, the Target ROAS bid strategy allows Google Ads to automatically adjust bids for each action in order to meet specific return on ad spend (ROAS) goals. For example, a home service company might set their target ROAS goal at 3:1.  Therefore, the bids are made accordingly to maintain this ratio throughout subsequent ad campaigns.  In addition, it’s good to give yourself a head start by waiting six weeks before making the transition.  Therefore, it allows Google Ads time to understand which conversions are most valuable for you.

4. Home Service Landing Page Optimization

Google Ads can be a powerful source for lead generation.  However, the success ultimately lies in an optimization strategy for the home service landing page.  This involves making changes and additions to the page that drives Google Ads traffic.  There are essential features you should include in your Google Ads landing page.  For example, a clear CTA (Call-To-Action) button, an easy-to-navigate form and visuals that draw attention like photos or videos.  In addition, personalized messages tailored to readers of each individual campaign.  All of these pieces combined aim to give potential customers a better understanding of the products and services.  Furthermore, fostering a more trustworthy experience with their brand.

5. Testing Different Audiences

Testing different audiences in Google Ads can help you optimize your ads to reach the people most likely to convert into paying customers.  It allows you to adjust targeting criteria, segment more precisely, and identify profitable audiences with greater accuracy.  For instance, you can target based on their interests, online behavior, job titles, and more rather than relying solely on demographics such as age or gender.  Therefore, home service companies can create multiple Google Ads campaigns with slight differences in their settings.  For example, if you’re a company offering plumbing services in Houston, it’s beneficial to test both local neighborhoods and regions outside of city limits.  As a result, you will see which customers provide better conversion rates.

Home service companies can get even more granular with their audience selection by using Google’s customer match feature.  This allows them to upload customer contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers.  In addition, testing different audiences allows you to determine where the majority of your leads are coming from and adjust spending in order to maximize conversions.  The relative ease of testing different audiences in Google Ads gives home service companies the ability to improve lead quality quickly.

6. Maximize Remarketing Strategies

Remarketing strategies are one of the best ways for home service companies to improve their Google Ads lead quality.  With remarketing, Google Ads can ‘retarget’ potential customers who have already demonstrated interest in their product or services.  Google Ads creates targeted ads based on users’ past interactions and pages they viewed when visiting a website.  For example, a home service business could create campaigns designed for customers who browsed the company’s window cleaning page.  Furthermore, target those same customers with relevant offers days later in order to encourage them to make a purchase. This allows Google Ads to maximize opportunities as individuals navigate across Google partner sites.  As a result, home service companies can tailor this approach by segmenting traffic into different audiences.  In addition, crafting personalized ads that meet the demands of the target audience.

A few examples of how to implement remarketing strategies successfully include budget optimization and varying bid adjustments.  And, adding advanced tactics such as personalization or Dynamic Remarketing Lists.  Each of these will help ensure maximum performance from Google Ads.  Therefore, providing the highest return on ad spend home service companies seek when running successful campaigns.

In Conclusion

Your lead quality should be a top priority for your home services business when investing in Google Ads. Taking the time to set up strong campaigns can make a world of difference for your company.  In addition, following the tips outlined here can ensure that you get the most out of your investment with minimal effort.  Utilizing hot keywords, utilizing ad extensions and remarketing strategies, testing different ads and audiences, as well as optimizing landing pages are all essential way to increase lead quality.  We hope this post has given you an educated perspective about how you can improve your lead quality and get better return on investment.  If you’re still feeling uncertain about optimizing your home services Google Ads campaigns, please reach out.  We’d be happy to help. With the right strategy in place, you’ll be seeing growth in no time!
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