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31 Mar: Utilizing Pinterest For Your Business

Pinterest is a platform that many businesses sleep on as a means to grow their business. If you are not taking advantage of it you should be and one of the best ways to do this is to use Pinterest to expand your e-commerce efforts. Over the past couple of years, it has become a popular website for up and coming e-commerce sites, and a great way for these websites to market themselves.

05 Nov: The Benefits of Geolocation

Mobile devices are very much a part of our daily lives these days. There isn’t a single minute where someone is pulling out their phone or tablet to browse the internet or check their mail. In fact, over 60% of consumers look for local information on their mobile devices. Now as a business owner, doesn’t tapping into that market sound lucrative? With our last blog detailing the basics on geotargeting, the next topic to discuss is geofencing. Geofencing is another location-based marketing strategy that, in short, creates a virtual barrier using the user’s IP address to pinpoint the location and show the user ads when they cross the barrier.

17 Oct: E-commerce Fallacies

The tools available for e-commerce platforms to advertise and grow their business have increased as well. One of these tools is a little website called Pinterest. This blog is a foundation and great starting point in order for you to use Pinterest to your advantage and gaining a new customer funnel.

08 Aug: E-commerce Mistakes

E-commerce has been a wildly popular business model for the past few years. Its easy to see the appeal in it. Open up a website, sell your products, and profit. These days it’s becoming more and more simple for anyone to attempt an e-commerce business. However, because of this, there has also been a rapid increase of misconceptions and myths surrounding e-commerce.