Pinterest and Your E-Commerce Strategy

The tools available for e-commerce platforms to advertise and grow their business have increased as well. One of these tools is a little website called Pinterest. This blog is a foundation and great starting point in order for you to use Pinterest to your advantage and gaining a new customer funnel.

E-commerce has been a wildly popular business model for the past few years. It’s easy to see the appeal in it. Open up a website, sell your products, and profit. These days it’s becoming more and more simple for anyone to attempt an e-commerce business. With that, the tools available for e-commerce platforms to advertise and grow their business have increased as well. One of these tools is a little website called Pinterest. Over the past couple of years, it has become a popular website for up and coming e-commerce sites. Some of you may have a website but don’t know how to utilize the power of Pinterest.  This platform can boost traffic to your website and in turn, increase your overall profit.

Pinterest has been an attractive opportunity for e-commerce due to the high price point for typical sales order. The average sales order is around $50. This is fantastic because this is higher than any other social media platform with a marketplace. Furthermore, since Pinterest has over 250 million active monthly users. The fact that 93% of users use the platform to plan their purchases bodes well for growing your revenue.

One of the best benefits of Pinterest for e-commerce is that it simplifies the shopping experience. For instance, if someone is looking for ideas on whatever product your business sells, they do a quick search.  Pinterest allows you to scroll through the results until they find what they’re looking for. This is a great way to market your business. You can make pins and boards that advertise your products. Further increasing the likelihood that the user will be able to easily find your business’ page. This leads to a strategy that you can use to increase your search rank on Pinterest.

One useful piece of advice is to think of Pinterest as a visual search engine as well as a social media platform. This means that when you’re creating your pins and boards, keywords are an absolute necessity to increase the likelihood that you’ll be found when searched. You need to be smart in how you implement your keywords. For example, you need to use relevant keywords in the image description. It’s very much a Google-esque way of thinking when it comes to Pinterest. Needless to say, image quality is key. Investing in a good photographer or quality camera equipment so you can take great images. This is the foundation of a great Pinterest account.

Another way to make Pinterest work for you is to understand how the typical user mindset on this platform. One of the many ways customers find out more about your products is by spending time on your website. This is an excellent opportunity to make them aware of your Pinterest account. You can use this to your advantage by inviting them to follow your account.  This allows them to share your products within their Pinterest network.

One easy way to create this constant interaction with your customer base is to add pin buttons on all of your product images. This makes it easy for customers to follow through with this invitation. Essentially, they click on the link, and are taken to their page where they can save and share their thoughts and products that they have found on your website.

This is a great benefit because it increases your exposure to a larger audience.  Another way you can help increase this follow-through is by creating strong call-to-action messages on your product pages. An example of this CTA is if they’re not ready to buy, invite them to save the product on their Pinterest page.

Don’t forget to use your business account to your benefit as well. You can utilize analytics to see which types of products get the most pins and traffic on your Pinterest page. Then go one step further and share Promoted Pins on your page that includes these products. This will help boost sales on your website since 50% of users purchase products after seeing a Promoted Pin.

Another way Pinterest can help you is by using group boards. This an excellent tool that you can use in order to increase your reach. This can come into play if you aren’t getting a lot of pins or new followers.  Visiting group boards where other users that may like the products your business sells can help growth. You can start sharing your content on these boards so that they start coming to you. Group boards are a fantastic place to share your content and increase your reach on Pinterest. You simply need to search and request access to group boards that align with your brand. Once you are accepted, you can share your content with large pools of people.

Pinterest is a Redes Sociales platform that can be a fantastic way for you to boost traffic to your website.  It is a relatively new way for e-commerce businesses to gain exposure.  This means that not everyone has figured out all the ins and outs of this platform. However, the more you learn about Pinterest, the sooner you can tweak your strategies to fully synergize with the platform. This blog is a foundation and starting point to use Pinterest to your advantage and gaining a new customer funnel.




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