How to Use Tiktok to Promote Your Business

Tiktok can be a very useful social media platform for your business. It allows you to show off your brand's creative side. Discover on how your brand can make cultural impacts and achieve measurable results with TikTok for Business.
TikTok for business
As the 21st century chugs on, the world has seen a rise in businesses utilizing social media marketing. However, a new social media app emerged in 2016.  As a result, it quickly climbed to a user volume rivaling that of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What is Tiktok?

Tiktok, which began as Music.ly, possesses an algorithm that shows the videos you produce to small batches of test subjects.  It unwittingly determines (through things like watch time, shares, and likes) whether that video will then be pushed out to further audiences.

Generally, each video is only allowed a maximum watch time of sixty seconds.  However, with a recent update, certain videos are allowed to be up to three minutes long.

The algorithm and video watch time restrictions create an ideal environment for a generation with an increasingly shorter attention span.  Therefore, making it easy to go viral with the right content.  In addition, generating record-breaking profits for your business.

How to Use Tiktok for Business

Tiktok can be used for business in two ways: paid and unpaid. For unpaid promotion, your business can simply produce short videos of interesting happenings or processes within your workplace.  In addition, to some of the products you create to generate interest. This is incredibly easy to do.  As a result, doing it consistently essentially guarantees you’ll have a viral video at some point.

Paid promotions are also effective, though some more than others. The first form of paid promotion goes directly through Tiktok.  They allow you to create a video and pay for it to be shown to a certain amount of people. However, it does have restrictions.  Additionally, these types of videos have a sponsored tag that causes many viewers to skip as soon as they see it.

Paying a celebrity on the app to make a video endorsing your product is much more effective.  So consequently, videos produced by Tiktok celebrities are neither bound by a “sponsored” tag or restricted to a certain number of views. However, that makes this the better paid option.

Age Demographics for Tiktok Business Ads

Age demographics for Tiktok ads are incredibly important.  They determine the audience your video is shown to. For example, for ads that go directly through Tiktok, you’ll be asked to select this yourself.  In addition, you’ll want to choose a range as small as possible that would have the largest number of buyers.

If you’re using celebrity endorsement we recommend choosing a celebrity that easily relates to the age range you’re targeting. An older audience, for example, would see more organizational videos than POV’s (point of views, which is a popular Tiktok video form), which they may not understand. On the other hand, a younger audience would relate easily to young, funny creators such as Kallmekris or CelinaSpookyBoo.

How to Advertise on Tiktok

For paid ads directly through the Tiktok advertising platform  and fill out your specifications, add payment details, add your video, and voila! You’re done!

For paid ads through celebrity Tiktok personalities, you can often contact your selected individual through links they have in their bio. Many large Tiktokers will either have a link to their Instagram where you can DM them, or a link to somewhere where you can specifically put in for a sponsorship request!

Ultimately, both are good options, and the choice is completely yours! For the best results, we recommend, trying all of the available options, as some work better for certain business models than others. Of course, if you find you’re having trouble, you can also contact a Tiktok Marketing Agency to do the work for you!

Whatever way you choose, stick with it. Tiktok business results are often not instantaneous, but they are valuable.

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